About Us

top 10 law firms in Delhi India 2020The Legal Mate top 10 law firms in Delhi India has a full service firm, with a PAN India presence, which offers innovative legal solutions to its domestic clients also as international clients.The company offers a portfolio of oversize legal services.We based in New Delhi with branches in Mumbai.

Top 10 law firms in Delhi India working with following aspects :-

  • The inspiring work environment brings together simplest legal brains to demand care for the legal needs of our customers.
  • Our strong team of lawyers made up of experienced, dynamic, enterprising and innovative legal experts with excellent academic and professional results.
  • Under the skillful guidance of partners who are prominent experts in various areas of law, the highest standards of services maintained and delivered smoothly to customers.
  • We firmly believe that a relationship of trust established inspired by shared values ​​and a deep understanding of the needs of our customers.
  • we combine professional skills with our clients’ business objectives and develop a solid knowledge of their activities before emerging with tailor-made solutions.
  • Our clients see The Legal Mate as their “growing partners” as we ensure that they maintain their competitive advantage in their respective business areas, by focusing on their key competences while looking at their legal issues.
  • The legal partner has experience and knowledge in various sectors such as property rights, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, start-ups, e-commerce, banking and finance, taxation, infrastructure and land, technology, media and telecommunications, corporate law and commercial law, law family, and immigration services.
  • We mainly focus on excellence in legal advice and legal services provided to clients who are a mix of huge boutiques and companies, including individual clients engaged in some sort of business.
  • One of the top 10 law firms in Delhi India specializes in staying in touch with the legal environment using knowledge not only from national but also overseas sources.
  • Our team can be a pool of partners and associates who have specific skills in different fields of law which are also appropriate as a requirement.
  • We(top 10 law firms in Delhi India) believe that improvising every day, which makes our team easier and more eager to work for the success of our clients also in achieving the objectives for our law firm.
  • We maintain complete and total responsibility towards customer integrity and uphold the value of our customer-business relationship.

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