best top 10 legal lawyer law firm in delhi indiaThe Legal Mate is one of the Best Top 10 Legal Lawyers Law Firms in Delhi, NCR, India (Advocates & Solicitors) are a full service an independent law firm dedicated to legal services to our clients, which include Individuals, Public, Private and Multinational Companies, and other corporate entities, across the country, we’ve expertise and knowledge in multiple jurisdictions of Laws.


Our emphasis is on identifying the client’s needs right down to the last detail, ensuring that our work is technically faultless and ultimately managing our cases to surpass our client’s expectations. This firm has distinct experience in Litigation, Trial and Investigation, Examinations of witnesses, pleadings and vast legal research.

Our (Best Top 10 Legal Lawyers Law Firms in Delhi, NCR, India) facts on that area:-

  • We practice law at every forum and each area of law, which suits the necessity and requirements of our clients. Litigation, Corporate Advisory, and Arbitration are our key areas of practice.
  • The Legal Mate is founded in 2009 to function as a single-window legal service provider during a dynamic commercial environment. It brings to the table expertise and knowledge across various sectors and practice areas and pursues a philosophy of symbiotic relationships with clients and works as an integral part of the client’s team.
  • This firm’s areas of practice include Antitrust & Competition, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets and law, Corporate & Commercial, Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency, Criminal Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Employment, Environment, Governance Risk and Compliance, Infrastructure & Energy, property Rights, Joint Ventures and M&A / Private Equity.
  • Our goal is usually the thoughtful furtherance of our client’s overall business objectives. What we do for a client at any one time, however important, is simply one component of an alliance stretching far into the longer term.


We focus on other particular areas:-

  • The firm focuses on certain specific sectors, including Aerospace & Defense, Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting, Healthcare, Food and Drug, IT E-Commerce & Outsourcing, land, Retail & Wholesale Trade, and Telecommunications.
  • Thelegalmate is one of the most Top Best Legal Lawyers Law Firms in Delhi, India aspires to create a future relationship with its clients, through teamwork guided by integrity and principles of honesty, accountability, and consistency.
  • The firm understands the client’s perspective on the necessity for responsive legal advice, expertise, creativity, and value. Our firm represents a myriad of client bases, including business houses, besides Central and State governments, ministries and departments.
  • We strive to confirm that our relationships with our clients are great from day one. But because of the relationship matures, we wish our clients to prevent thinking people as an external service provider and begin thinking people as an extension of their business.
  • The firm possesses a wealth of experience within the field of Law, is staff with a team of energetic professionals & lawyers, and has associates representing the firm.
  • Our long experience has made us understand that clients wish to reduce their involvement with the system. They put their full trust within the firm representing them.

Our core section area:-

  • We have absolutely no interest in providing service that’s ‘adequate’ or merely ‘competent’. Our standard is different; a customer should get more from us than they need a reason to expect.
  • We recognize companies are concerned about legal fees disproportionate to the quantity under consideration or to the hassle actually required. By paying special attention to the economics of every matter, we deliver efficient, quality representation. With our client’s advice and consent, we match the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality.
  • We are flexible on billing arrangements and, where appropriate, are willing to handle matters under a range of free alternatives to the standard hourly rate method.
  • Thelegalmate recognizes that everyone’s kind of legal work is less than one roof. We glance at every problem objectively and in its context to seek out its solution.
  • It works closely with each client to know the sensible aspects of the client’s business.
  • In this way, the firm is ready to investigate client problems commercially and supply practical advice and services. Our firm skills are particularly suited to the requirements of these clients who demand quick and specialized professional services.
  • The Best Top 10 law firms in India incorporate a dedicated team of execs including lawyers, property experts, and technical experts, with the precise industry expertise, resources, and commitment required to satisfy all client requirements.


Our(Best top 10 legal lawyers law firms in Delhi NCR India) main features are as follow:-

  • The firm has worked together with many renowned law firms and eminent lawyers across the world on multifarious projects and successfully executed legal process management services.
  • The Best Top 10 law firms in India relies on the most recent computing and communications equipment to enable fast and cost-effective services to clients. It makes complete usage of a practical and effective precedent development system to confirm uniformity and time management.
  • The firm has adapted itself successfully to the modern-day demands of worldwide competitiveness and competence.
  • The Firm can satisfactorily provide these facilities and more for any work associated with and in India. With the greater interest being shown in Indian operations, the firm is ideally suited to act as a window for a clearer and updated view of India’s insight into the increasing trend in recent legislation to create provisions for penal/punitive remedies, the firm is providing services in Criminal matters.
  • We work along with our clients to avoid legal obstacles and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner once they do occur.
  • Thelegalmate Top 10 Best Legal Lawyers Law Firms in Delhi, India believes in building future relationships with clients who are supported mutual trust and dedication, a promise to produce our clients with the best levels of service. We firmly believe that it’s these relationships that are our real strength.
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