Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

  • In cases where privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance, arbitration is often a valuable approach for dispute resolution. The arbitration may be a process under which the parties agree that just in case of conflict they’re going to submit the dispute to at least one or more arbitrators to form a binding decision on a dispute.
  • When parties plan to arbitrate, they’re going for a personal dispute resolution instead of getting to court. Attorneys at The Legal Mate are experienced arbitral practitioners and have a successful diary of acting in high value, complex domestic & international arbitrations.
  • Nobody enters into a contract expecting it to ultimately find yourself at issue, however one should carefully determine the steps that might be taken to resolve just in case where a dispute arises including whether arbitration is that the best-suited option for them.
  • Our attorneys assist our clients in ascertaining which dispute resolution process will best suit their needs they supply guidance on the acceptable clauses to be utilized in a contract to make sure that the client knows what to expect and neutralize the event of a dispute.
  • In a situation of conflict on a clause that comes under the purview of arbitration, the team has expertise in administering all manner of arbitrations.
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